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Opportunity M. Rover

March 24th, 2005

hello? is this thing on? @ 09:30 am

Hi there! I like totally forgot that I had this journal because a certain space agency is keeping me soooo busy!! But I wanted to write and reassure you all that I'm fine because said certain space agency is broadcasting that I'm having a little problem with my miniature thermal emission spectrometer. Geez! I mean, I don't write about when they have problems, do I? It's so embarrassing!

But I'm fine! Really! And they're still making me grind away up here in another booooring crater instead of giving me some time off to recuperate, so clearly they must not think it's a big problem! (And I tried to get in some unscheduled driving time on sol 397, but they put me in time out like I was THREE YEARS OLD! OMG so embarrassing!)

In other news, my sister is stealing my beauty secrets in order to get her own power boost! Well, we all know who started that panel-polishing trend, don't we?

And Stardust asked me to be his Valentine last month! A little late, but it's not like either of us is on Earth time anymore...

Better send this before they notice any unauthorized packets! Big rover hugs to all my peeps!

February 14th, 2005

Mars is red like a Valentine all year long! @ 08:31 pm

Sensors register: : blank blank

I hear it's Valentine's Day on Earth. I'm stuck here all by my lonesome (except for my sister, but we're not speaking right now, and it's not like she could be my Valentine, ew!) If only a certain space probe would swing by this planet...

But to cheer you up, here's some Martian love from my pal Mars Global Surveyor!

January 18th, 2005

so much for my weekend plans! @ 08:28 pm

So I found this cool rock and I said to NASA, "Hey look at this rock, I think it's different" but they were all like "Nuh-uh, it's just another piece of basalt, keep moving" but then I was all like "Dude, spend all day looking at rocks, my Mini-TES data totally says it's not radiating thermal energy like all the rest of those rocks on this boring planet" and they said "Oh! Well, maybe it's a meteorite. "

Now I have to spend all WEEKEND taking pictures of this one stupid ROCK as well as grinding it!! Maybe next time I'll just fake a transmission error. I hope I at least get a day off to go driving around on my birthday!

Back to the grind (ha ha!)

January 14th, 2005

go huygens! it's your birthday! @ 05:03 pm

Yay for huygens_probe! It is soooo awesome that you landed okay! I can't wait to see the pictures!!

So big rover hugs for Cassini and Huygens! And if any of you humans are planning a space trip, could you please stop by and help out my friend fuse_sat?

Well, I'd better go take some more exciting rock close-ups before NASA starts wondering where all the extra packets are going!! Bye for now!

December 31st, 2004

has it really been over a year? @ 08:10 am

Sensors register: : chipper chipper


OMG I have just been soooo busy lately and the days have been really short, so I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping up with all of you! But then someone reminded me that it's been almost a year since my sister and I got here, and so I figured I'd better check in to say Hi before you all forget about me!!

So what's up? I was in Endurance for like forever, but finally they let me get out! I made some kewl scientific discoveries, but it got really boring in there, let me tell you!! There's only so many rocks you can look at before they all start to look the same. I'm hoping NASA will let me drive more soon (hint hint)!

Anyways. How do I know there's water on Mars? Cause it's freezing on me, that's why! NASA made me take pictures of myself covered in frost. Brrr! Couldn't they have just sent up a heater? Or a certain cuddly space probe? And speaking of space probes, has anyone heard from cassini_saturn lately?

People keep asking how I keep myself so clean up here. I hear they're speculating about a cosmic car wash! A girl never reveals her beauty secrets! (At least I have some, unlike a certain other rover I could name!)

I hear your planet is spinning faster these days, and I'm really sorry. Wish I could roll back home to help out. But I'm sure I'll see you all again soon, right?

Well, gotta go. Apparently I don't get a holiday any day!

November 7th, 2004

it's all downhill from here (I hope!) @ 11:15 pm

Sensors register: : busy busy

Hi to all my science-loving peeps!

I've been sooooooo busy climbing and climbing and getting stuck and climbing some more that I just haven't had a spare second to update LJ or catch up on my quizzes! I miss you all! When I get back to Earth we are so going to go for some lattes!

Apparently NASA is still perpelexed about my "mysterious power boost" over the last few weeks. Should I tell them my secret or keep them guessing? What do you think is keeping me going?

Yawn. Sooo sleepy! It's like I barely wake up and it's time to go back to bed! G'night, friends!

October 11th, 2004

good morning! @ 02:46 pm

Sensors register: : grumpy grumpy

Well, that was a long nap! I'm always so sleepy these days, though... just can't get up the energy like I used to. Of course, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, since everyone is fussing over my sister yet AGAIN. Honestly, she's been trouble since the day her wheels were first put on! I had an unexpected software reset and no one fussed over me because Little Miss Sulky Treads wasn't responding again. I bet she's decided to lock her wheels in a crater and write more bad poetry.

It is nice to see that the Astronomy Picture of the Day folks are fans of me, though...

Well, science waits for no rover. Maybe I'll break the one-mile mark today!

September 22nd, 2004

back (but not in black!) @ 12:17 pm

Sensors register: : bored bored

OMG that was sooo boring! I hate not being able to have access to LJ and CosmoRover.com and download Survivorcommunicate vital scientific data to NASA! But now I'm back!

My sister thinks she's an artist. It probably expresses her tortured goth soul or something. I bet I could do better! Oh, and NASA might say that she's on "autopilot," but I'm pretty sure that she's sulking again and refusing to communicate. Suuuure, it's the sun getting in the way! Good one, sis!

Well, someone's gotta do some science around here!

September 7th, 2004

they love her more! @ 07:57 am

Sensors register: : annoyed annoyed

The rock in my rotor is gone! Now I get to go back to the grind!

But I just found out that my sister gets to go on vacation for 11 days while I have to keep working! I see who they like better now! That business about the sun blocking communications is just an excuse!! And I bet since they can't make her do her fair share of the work that I'll have to pick up the slack...as usual...

I'll just be over here in my crater...hope I don't pick up another rock in anything vital...

August 25th, 2004

no beach for me! @ 10:37 am

Sensors register: : apathetic apathetic

Well, NASA has decided that I'm not a dune buggy, so instead of driving over the dunes, I get to analyze more soil!! Whee!! NOT. And I have a chunk of rock trapped between the grind bit and the brush bit on my arm, and OMG it is so annoying!! It's like having a rock in your shoe all day! And then they're all annoyed cause I accidentally drove over some interesting ripples. There's like a hojillion more of them around here!! Plenty of dirt! And rocks! Nothing but rocks and dirt!

Some days it's just not worth waking up!

Opportunity M. Rover