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they really like me!

I see my sister has updated her journal again. Sometimes half a planet is just not enough space away from someone!!

Anyways, it's my two year anniversary here on Mars. They just keep extending our mission, but I'm sure they'll be sending someone to pick us up any day now! I hope they do soon, because I'm already sooo out of touch with the trends and fashions already! Even StarDust gets to go home! He'll probably take up with some newer model in the Jet Propulsion Labaratory and show her his solar panels!!

But what little information I do have time to scan has been quite complimentary. CNN said that "The overachieving Opportunity dazzled scientists from the start. It eclipsed its twin by making the mission's first profound discovery -- evidence of water at or near the surface eons ago that could have implications for life." Also, I have driven a whole mile further than my sister has. Go me!

The article also talked about my little, ahem, driving accident and implied that I am getting old and creaky -- OMG so embarrassing!!! What if he read them!!

Well, gotta get back to work! Later, earthpeeps!
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