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Opportunity M. Rover

September 13th, 2007

can't talk! busy driving! @ 09:51 am

Sensors register: : determined determined

OMG I am soooooooo sorry that I haven't been posting, but there was this dust storm, and then another dust storm, and before that it was really cold, and I just had to catch up on my beauty sleep, you know?? But people have been sending me all sorts of nice messages about my third anniversary and I just wanted to say thanks!! (I suppose you could congratulate my sister, too, but we all know who the real star is, right? All she's found is rocks! I've found...really interesting rocks!!)

Anyways I have to go explore this crater now! It's really huge and its name is Victoria! After that, I'm sure that it'll be time for me to go on vacation, right? Maybe somewhere warm and without dust storms!

Wish me luck, guys, it's my first really big road trip!!

Big rover hugs,


March 13th, 2006

welcome! @ 09:12 pm

Hi there, Earthpeeps!

NASA has me busy doing the "scoot and shoot" along the half-pipes up here in Erebus Crater. Too bad I missed this year's Winter Olympics, but I bet I could qualify for the ones in 2010! (I'll be back by then, right? Right?)

Anyways, I wanted to say hi to my newest Maritan buddy, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter! (Maybe we can talk MRO into getting a LiveJournal just like the rest of us!) You have fun up there, and don't forget to call home! (NASA gets cranky if you don't. Just ask my sister.)

Also, I hear that my sister and I are movie stars. Are we nominated for any awards yet? Do I get to come back and rove down the red carpet for the ceremony? There is a totally kewl outfit in CosmoRover that would be just perfect...

Also, could someone please send me a copy of the Google Map of Mars? That would make things soooooo much easier for me!

Well, time for more thermal emission spectography!

Big rover hugs,


January 3rd, 2006

they really like me! @ 03:58 pm

Sensors register: : accomplished accomplished

I see my sister has updated her journal again. Sometimes half a planet is just not enough space away from someone!!

Anyways, it's my two year anniversary here on Mars. They just keep extending our mission, but I'm sure they'll be sending someone to pick us up any day now! I hope they do soon, because I'm already sooo out of touch with the trends and fashions already! Even StarDust gets to go home! He'll probably take up with some newer model in the Jet Propulsion Labaratory and show her his solar panels!!

But what little information I do have time to scan has been quite complimentary. CNN said that "The overachieving Opportunity dazzled scientists from the start. It eclipsed its twin by making the mission's first profound discovery -- evidence of water at or near the surface eons ago that could have implications for life." Also, I have driven a whole mile further than my sister has. Go me!

The article also talked about my little, ahem, driving accident and implied that I am getting old and creaky -- OMG so embarrassing!!! What if he read them!!

Well, gotta get back to work! Later, earthpeeps!

November 28th, 2005

modesty was never one of her virtues @ 10:16 am

I see that sister of mine is showing the whole world her solar panels. Well, if that's what she's got to do to get attention...

September 14th, 2005

I'm a glamour rover again! @ 07:52 am

Sensors register: : excited excited

Sorry, been busy taking pictures of -- you guessed it-- rocks! At least I'm not stuck in the sand anymore!! I don't think I'll ever want to go to the beach again, LOL!! But I just had to post and thank the people who nominated me to be a Babe of LJ! (I wonder if one of the nominators was you-know-who! That would be sooooo awesome!!!)

People nominated my sister, too, but I suppose there's just no accounting for taste. We all know who the cover model was last month! Now, which picture should I send them? I want something that makes me look babealicious!

Well, gotta go! Big rover hugz!

P.S. Don't anyone tell NASA about this -- my sister and I are still underage, after all!!

July 13th, 2005

woohoo! I'm a cover model! @ 04:57 pm

Sensors register: : giddy giddy

Apparently National Geographic has made me their cover girl for this month! I'm sure that you can all see why they picked me over my sister! (Although you can see pictures of her and her boring science if you want there too, I suppose.) Still, you don't think that cover picture makes me look fat, do you?!

You can also zoom around my crater, and there's even a poster of me!! I wonder if I can get a copy up here on Mars...or send one to a certain space probe... but the package delivery service is sooooo infrequent!

I hope CosmoRover calls me next! I'm ready for my close-up!!

June 5th, 2005

rollin, rollin, rollin! @ 08:51 am

Sensors register: : ecstatic ecstatic

I'm FREEEEEEE! Look at these wheel tracks! Sorry about not updating in so long, but it was soooooo boring being stuck in that dune. All of my reports would have been: "Moved quarter inch forward, quarter inch backward. Wished for tow truck, cappucino with extra oil, and copy of CosmoRover." But now I'm outta that dune and as soon as my overprotective guardians say so, I'm off for more exploring! Man, even running into my sister (ha ha) sounds good after all that time being stuck!

I hear NASA's going to send our big brother over in a few years. Wonder if there will be any rocks left for him to photograph!

Well, gotta go get back to the science. I can't let my sister steal all the good discoveries, and she's had more sols to do so while I've been stuck! Later, peeps!

April 29th, 2005

stuck in the middle with you @ 09:42 pm

Okay, so my driving isn't going so great lately. First I had a little wheel problem, and then I kinda got stuck. I'm sure that I can get out,so I am not panicking. Definitely not panicking. But until I can get some good advice from the guys on the ground, I'm kinda hanging out here. The scenery is getting a little boring, as if it wasn't boring enough already!! Anyone want to come by and give me a tow?

April 6th, 2005

oh boy! more work to do! @ 04:26 pm

So apparently I have to stay on this dumb planet and keep looking at rocks for even longer!! My panels are going to be sooo out of style by the time I get home! But in happy news, guess who broke her sister's driving records for total distance travelled (4.8 kilometers) and total distance in a single day by going 220 metres? Me, that's who!

Later, taters!

April 1st, 2005

look! @ 08:19 am

Water on Mars!

Ha ha ha! Those APOD people are kewl!!

Okay, back to the crater!

Opportunity M. Rover